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USP Integrated Solutions

USP  provides cost effective tailor made following services:
Commodity Inspection Services for Quality and Quantity Ascertainment
Procurement Inspection & Testing Services
Crop surveys
Warehouse Management Services
Analytical Services
Expert Services
Any other tailor made service according to need

Also note

Experience & expertise of team
Our team comprises of experienced and professional Marine Surveyors, Cargo Surveyors and Engineers. Our people have tremendous experience in their respective fields and have worked closely with major international companies.
Potential conflicts of interest with other companies
As an independent surveying company, our responsibilities/duties rest solely with our clients. We partake in strict measures to eradicate any possible conflicts of interests. Prior to employment, all our employees are subjected to a thorough background check to confirm that they have no existing relationships with other companies and organizations related to assigned job. In addition, all our employees have signed a strict code of ethic and are required to abide by specific work instructions (SOP).
Prompt and continuous response
All staff adhere to requirements to provide job information/status updates to you in a prompt manner – essentially being your direct eyes and ears on assignments.  our back offices are equipped with computers and printers, enabling them to generate computerised reports immediately after the completion of job assignments.
Weekend availability
In keeping with our mission to deliver quality services to our clients, our staff will be at your service -24/7 – for your utmost convenience.
Last-minute job appointments
We are ready to accept jobs on last minute appointments.
Location of nearest laboratory
Samples can be sent to or collected by the lab after completion of the job. This enhances our ability to provide you with prompt feedback and necessary reports for your timely decision-making.